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E-shop Update and System Bug Fixes
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Message # 1 | 10:49 AM
The update is available on all servers.

One more spring update for you - we've prepared some minor updates and bug fixes. And of course we continue to work not only on the old bugs, but also on new system features.

E-shop Module (Updates and Bug Fixes):

  • the bug in the display of info on the E-shop user page in design #1062 has been fixed;
  • the setting "Send notifications in the HTML format" has been transferred from the general settings page to the page of notification settings;
  • the bug of the category list being absent after searching in E-shop on some uCoz websites has been fixed;
  • the bug of only users of certain group being transferred to a specified group when a set number of orders is reached has been fixed;
  • percentage in option markups;
  • uploading of files in the XLSX format;
  • $REQUEST_URI$ in mass order printing;
  • the module settings: profit calculation settings (do not subtract incoming price and do not count discount/markup);
  • incorrect display of pros and cons in E-shop comments has been fixed;
  • the bug of stock display for non-tangible items has been fixed;
  • in Goods Management the work with old prices has been added to group operations;
  • saving of field values on the order submission page when checking a promo code;
  • validation of fields on the order submission page has been changed;
  • sending E-shop notifications in the HTML format;
  • the possibility to send notifications to the users who purchased a file item, if this file item was updated;
  • the work of the filter by weight if a non-integer number is specified has been fixed.

Photo Albums (Bug Fixes):

  • switching between photos in Internet Explorer;
  • impossibility to open a photo in Lightbox for a logged-in user;
  • nonworking slideshow code.

Other Bug Fixes:

  • the default uCoz audio player (widgets and gadgets): color settings;
  • in the visual comment editor: empty "Link text" field when adding a link;
  • the impossibility to select a design in Common Settings after searching in the template gallery;
  • opening a new background window when posting an entry or changing editing mode;
  • moving of the cursor to the end of a message when selecting or formatting text;
  • errors when removing an icon from Social Bar;
  • absence of DOCTYPE when changing a design template in Control Panel;
  • displaying of date of birth on the user info editing page;
  • clearing of the comment field when editing it in Ajax;
  • deletion of container blocks in Builder when editing a personal page template;
  • the bug of publishing posts with blank fields in Social Media Publisher has been fixed.

That's it for today! Please post your comments below.

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Message # 2 | 4:21 PM
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Message # 3 | 2:53 PM
Awesome Work !
To busy building a passive income online ;)
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Message # 4 | 3:34 PM
Sounds grat but will there be something to stop robots for local registration? That is annoying and i had to close my sites forum because spam from strange ip addresses outside my country, which are registrering new accounts with random usernames and strange emails and spamming my forum full of spam topics. Changing captcha type does not do anything. Is there a already a way or script to disable registration button until question in my own language is answered?
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Message # 5 | 4:17 PM
You can change to UID user. It is the best way to prevent spammer register on your site.

Added (2014-03-23, 10:17 AM)
OR you can turn on feature Block activity of users with unconfirmed e-mails in User > Module Setting.

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Message # 6 | 3:07 PM
TasEsmuEs, you can also disable the permissions for Users and Guests to post, increase the number of required fields in the registration form, and yes, make e-mail confirmation required.
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Message # 7 | 1:58 PM
The update is available on all servers.
I'm not active on the forum anymore. Please contact other forum staff.
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Message # 8 | 3:45 AM
eu sou Hermann, fiz o meu site e sinceramente estou meio disorientado, pois n~unca havia feito um site para mim, espero que vcs possa me ajudar em alguma coisinhas. Por exemplo, eu quero entrar no panel de controle do ucoz e não estou conseguindo. o que devo fazer. cry

Added (2014-04-19, 9:45 PM)
Eu sou muito bom em inglê, eu troco as informações que eu quero por lições de inglês. '' i'd never ever been any school to learn english, but I know enough to teach you. I will be here whether you want. went. tongue wink wink

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Message # 9 | 5:10 PM
pqdtavares, hello!
If you want to ask some questions about the uCoz System, please, visit the official uCoz Community forum in Portuguese.
pqdtavares, Olá!
Se você quiser fazer algumas perguntas sobre o Sistema uCoz, por favor, visite o fórum oficial uCoz Comunidade em Português. (Google Translate)

hey i'm joe and i do not work for the company anymore, please contact other staff or tech support
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sometimes i lurk here
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Message # 10 | 8:51 PM
pqdtavares, portuguese language support at http://forum.ucoz.com.br
chat support uCoz's homepage or on the control panel if your default language is portuguese.

Hello! I am Ennio Sousa
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