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The update is available on all servers

The scheduled posting feature in modules has been updated! Till now, there was only the possibility to choose the date when an entry will be posted, and such entries were posted at 12:00 a.m. of the scheduled day.

Now it is possible to schedule posting more accurately, down to the minutes.

Scheduled posts are only available to Administrators at direct links, or in Control panel -> Module -> Entry management. IDs of delayed entries are blue.

News scheduled to be published at a certain time are not indexed by the search engines till the publication date.
The timer for scheduled posting is available in the following content modules: Site News, Publisher, File Catalog, Ad Board, Site Catalog, Blog, Photo Albums, Online Games.

We have also added the option "Do not display entries dated later than the current date" to the modules where it wasn't available before: Publisher, Site Catalog, Ad Board, Photo Albums, Online Games.

For the timer to be displayed in the entry posting form, enable the option "Enable ability to choose date of entry adding" in the module settings.

But that's not all!
Delayed posting is available not only on your website, but in social media as well.

Let's look at the following example. Suppose that we have a website of a tea shop - "Tea Break", and we decided to launch a special offer, dedicated to the Five O’Clock Tea tradition. We need the announcement about the special offer to be published on August 1 at 05:00 p.m. on the website and on social networking sites.

Prepare a post:

Set the necessary options for Entry date:

And choose the social networking sites where the news will be published.
The entry will be queued for posting in Social Media Publisher -> Statuses of reposts.

That's it! Now your announcement will be published both on your website and in the social networks at the required time.
Post your comments on how you are going to use the updated feature. And follow our news, new updates are coming soon!

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