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The update is available on all servers

It's been a while since we posted our last update. Time to fix it!

Our first update of 2015 will be useful to online shop owners. From now on you can import products to your website from YML files!
The update is available on all servers.
The YML Import is available to all owners of the E-shop module. The option is located in Control Panel -> E-shop -> Items import:

We were pursuing several goals when we decided to implement this feature:
  • to expand the capabilities of import in the module;
  • to allow everyone to test the module on their own set of products;
  • to make the transfer from any other platform to uCoz as simple as possible.

And it's more than possible now!
If you've already got an online shop in uCoz, you can use YML files to expand the range of available products. If you are building an online shop using any other platform, we suggest that you have a close look at the uShop. After you check all the features and the flexibility of the module, it's very likely you'll consider moving your shop to uCoz.

The update is already available on all servers, so you can start testing it right now. If you have any questions or difficulties, post them below. There is also a tutorial on YML Import coming soon.
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