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This update is available on all servers.

With much anticipation, we're pleased to begin with our most important update this release – the update to our Online Shop.

Online Shop SEO Update

What & Why?

With this update we're presenting a new useful tool which will increase the flexibility of the Online Shop module for our users. Allowing users to manage the generating of Title Tags & Descriptions for Item Pages within their shops, this adds a new dimension of SEO Optimisation to the module.

How Does It Work?

With these settings, the owners of online stores are welcome to independently manage the templates applied when the system builds the Title tag and the Description meta tag. There are also 5 recommended templates included for users to choose from.

An example of how this new feature will look (Control Panel -> E-shop -> SEO Settings):

Please also note, that at the request of our users, we have added a new option for the Date format in the XML file of orders export option (Control Panel -> E-shop -> Module settings). Users are now welcome to choose from DD.MM.YYYY as well as other options.

Other Fixes

In addition to this module update, we have quite a series of bug fixes:

  • 200 Error when posting to Facebook has been resolved.
  • Display of RSS feeds in Google Chrome has been fixed.
  • Remedied the display of filter values in the Ad Board module.
  • The system code $CAT_NAME$ now does not show the name of the category from which an entry was transferred.
  • Resolved the display error where scheduled and inactive entries were displayed on the list of user's entries.
  • Resolved the display error where hidden categories were displayed in shop menus.
  • The Forum module now displays the $SKYPE$ system code in "Appearance of entries".
  • Private albums login bug has been fixed.
  • Redirection from the photo posting page to the Photo Albums main page if there are no categories created has been fixed.
  • Failure for items to display using $LAST_ADD$ in the E-Shop module has been fixed.
  • The bug resolved where $SORT_MENU$ would not display correctly.

That's it for today. Those are just some of the major fixes, and as usual, more updates coming soon. Follow the news!