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The update is available on all servers.

Today's update includes the feature that was a quite popular suggestion from our users. That is a full-featured list of banned users displaying the start and end dates of the ban period, the ban reason and the moderator who banned the user. We have also taken the necessary measures to improve image loading on websites, and fixed a number of bugs. More on the update below.

Optimized Image Load Time

In accordance with Google's recommendations on website optimization we have managed to considerably reduce the page load time due to caching of information in image titles. We have updated the server response for images, which has fixed a number of issues reported by Google when crawling websites.
The update is already available on all servers, so you can test the load speed of pages that have a lot of images on them and share your impressions.

Banned Users List

A new feature that will make it easier for you to manage your user community and specifically those users who violate the rules. A full-featured list of banned users can be found on the Users tab of your Admin Bar:

To make it easier to find a banned user, the list can be sorted by username, ban start date and ban end date.

Bug Fixes

Here are some of the recent bug fixes:
  • problem of displaying the link to the last thread's post and its author → fixed;

  • Video module: incorrect URL generating in channels → fixed;

  • Video module: videos unavailable (closed) for viewing were displayed for all user groups on the channel page → fixed

  • Video module: on the channel page videos were playing without sound if displaying in a separate window was enabled → fixed

  • Printed order forms available for search indexing → fixed.

That's it for today! Follow the news and post your comments and suggestions below smile

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