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That's right, we've been in the website building market for 10 years! Today we are celebrating our first major anniversary consisting of two digits. For IT industry that's a good indicator of stability and growth.

Very few web services can boast such a long way, many of them shut down before passing this milestone. During these 10 years uCoz had its ups and downs, but the company has always kept true to its values as a free website builder.

At present uCoz is not only a website builder, but also the company providing a number of different products and services. Still, it's our first and flagship product that is celebrating its 10th birthday today. For that time it has become an important chapter in the lives of many of our users.

A birthday is a good reason to accept presents. And it's also a chance to give them away! That's why this year we're launching a special offer — "Invite friends and receive gifts!", and are reminding our users about the uCoz Money affiliate program.

This is a great opportunity to tell your friends about your favorite website builder and earn at the same time. By participating in this offer you get:

  • $0.50 for each invited active user

  • 20% of all payments made by your friends

  • a two-month premium plan for each 10 active friends you invite

  • up to 50% off uCoz's premium services

Head over to the website below to take part in the offer and see our birthday cake:

All your congratulations and wishes are more than welcome in the comments below smile We'll select the most unique greetings and award their authors with pleasant surprises.

And some more news smile

This year we've been working really hard on the new Control Panel that we promised a while ago. We know that many of you are looking forward to this update. We are close to the completion but still need some more time. Follow the news — this is a major update you wouldn't like to miss!

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