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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from uCoz!
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Message # 1 | 1:26 PM

We bet you are already immersed into the festivities and holiday mood, and have got tons of Christmas messages from all the online services you use. But congratulations are never too much :)

Here at uCoz we'd like to wish you and your family happy holidays from the whole team. May this Christmas be cheerful and filled with love. And may the new year bring you new achievements, more website visitors and higher search engine ranking! Our team will keep doing our best to provide all the necessary features and tools to make your website successful. And it's not just a New Year's resolution :)

While the year is slowly approaching its end, let's take a few moments to reminisce about what it brought us.
2015 was a major milestone in the uCoz's history as the year when we celebrated our first 10 and when our another "child" – uKit – saw the world. We believe this year was a productive one. Though one of our biggest updates for, probably, the last several years is still underway (yeah, I'm talking about the new Control Panel), we’ve done a great amount of work already and the release is close. While working on Control Panel, we didn’t forget about other modules, features and bug fixes.

And we've still got one release for this year – a new toolbar for your website that was previously known as Admin Bar. The updated Admin Bar will be customizable! The release is scheduled for next week, so follow the news not to miss it! See you soon wink

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Message # 2 | 1:42 AM
Best wishes, merry x-mas to all uCoz users! More power to uCoz team. Don't stop innovating. Keep on improving! Keep it up, up and up and .... happy new year!

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Message # 3 | 9:45 AM
khen, thanks so much for your kind words happy happy
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Message # 4 | 6:14 AM
Merry Christmas and happy new year! :D

More power to uCoz team as well as to all members. GOD bless ;-)

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Message # 5 | 10:38 AM
Happy new year to all smile
uCoz Community » General Information » uCoz Updates & Announcements » Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from uCoz!
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