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It has come! The day when our beloved app becomes available for all the major mobile platforms is finally here! Many of our users have been waiting for the iOS version of our My Sites app and today we are proud to announce that we've made it available for them as well.

Just like the versions made for the other platforms, the iOS version of My Sites is fully compatible with uCoz, WordPress, DLE, Joomla websites, as well as with any other website having an RSS feed.

You will get a nice news feed featuring your favorite news portals and blogs, so you can easily track them. Just add a website to the application, and if it's supported by the app, you will be immediately able to follow the news and events that are relevant to your interests.

The useful application settings will allow you to select the number of the stored entries, set the font size, refresh rate, as well as the procedure for content downloading.

Not to mention that uCoz users can easily subscribe to the private messages from a uCoz website so that they will be able to receive and reply to the private messages directly through the app.

Have you viewed a post you like? You can add it to the favorites anytime, so you can read it again later.

Currently, the application is in its very first version, therefore, it is not perfect. We will be very grateful to read all your constructive criticism, opinions and thoughts about the iOS version of the app. See you later for even more exciting updates!

My Sites is also available for:

Android and Windows Phone
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