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How to Get an SSL from

In order to get yourself an SSL certificate you need to:

During the process, you must specify the domain and certificate’s type, as well as select the certificate validity period (1 or 2 years).

NOTE! All the certificates except the Wildcard Certificate secure only one host:

  • '' alike domain;
  • '' alike domain;
  • '' alike sub-domain.

In this case, it’s three different domains.

Be very attentive, you need to specify the correct domain name at the certificate’s ordering stage. After a certificate is issued, it is not possible to change the domain name.

Once the order is formed it must be paid. Once the funds get to the account:

  • a request is added to the queue;
  • the domain for which you need to issue a certificate will appear in the list in the menu 'My SSL Certificates' section in your account;
  • a certificate can be issued;
  • a CSR must be generated

CSR is a special digital key that contains the encrypted information about the certificate holder, company and domain.

After it’s done, follow the 'My SSL Certificate' link from your personal account. The domain will have the 'an issue required' status if the certificate has been paid for but haven’t issued yet. By clicking the 'an issue required' link, you’ll be redirected to the page, where the owner's and an organization’s details must be specified. This data will be checked by the verification center. A certificate will be issued based on this data.

The form must be filled in English only. All the data specified in the form must be a 100% match with the data that is specified when generating a certificate signing request (CSR). In case the data is not matched, it cannot be verified and the certificate will not be issued.

Please notice, that if the email specified in the Whois service information is used as the authorized contact email address, then the Whois Protect service must be turned off. Otherwise, the email address will not be available on Whois and the letter with the certificate will not be sent to this email.

Confirmation of issue and receiving a certificate

Once the specified data is verified and documents are checked, a letter will be sent to the contact email indicated in the certificate holder’s data, which contains a link to the Comodo website page. It is necessary to follow this link and check whether all data specified correctly and confirm the certificate issue by clicking the ‘I approve’ button. After that, a certificate will be issued and sent by email.