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Press the "Win" and "R" keys simultaneously and a window will appear in the bottom left corner of your screen. Type in "cmd" without quotation marks and click "Ok" (or press "Enter").

You will see a command prompt. Type in "ping address_of_the_website" without quotation marks. For example, if we ping, we type in "ping" and press "Enter".

Use the "ping website_address -t" command for a longer ping.

In this case pinging will go on till you stop it by pressing CTRL+С.

Then you might want to send the received data to our Technical Support. It is not necessary to make a screenshot, you can just copy the data and send them as text.

To do this press the right mouse button -> Select all. Then press "Enter". Now the data are in the Clipboard. Paste them into an email message by means of the right mouse click -> Paste (or CRTL+V).
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