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Welcome To The uCoz Support Comunity Forum!

This place here is our designated area for everything and anything related to uCoz and the quickest way to find some friendly help and support when you need it most. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join and we hope you are able to find what you need here and have solutions provided to the questions you need answered.

Getting Started

  • Explore! The sites search feature in many cases will become your new best friend however sometimes the old lethargic method of clicking on a link and looking around can provide discoveries you'd never imagine.

  • Participating on the forums. Signing up can be a much quicker way of finding answers as you are then able to ask questions however apart from quick answers you are also able to communicate and talk to uCoz users from all over the world.

  • Handing out awards. Giving out an award or +'ing someones reputation is a great simple way for you to thank a user for their help. This will let the user know you appreciate the help they have given and can even lead to getting a little extra support when needed.

  • The law is hard, but it is the law. Although we are a community we still have some guidelines users are asked to follow. These are not too diffiult to understand and failure to follow them can result in the forums staff becoming upset. A collation of all of these can be found here and here.

  • Have fun! Between everything else that happens during your day and the stressful situations where you are really scrambling to finish a project try and take take the time to sit back a little and savour the moment of peace you have before you have to return to the hustle and bustle of development and design.

General Tips

  • Before asking a question be sure to search the forums to see if your problem/query has already been solved/answered.

  • If you are trying to locate a specific topic thread visit our site map to find a list of commonly used threads.

  • If something has been done by someone it is allright to see how they did it (View > Page Source) as long as you don't copy it exactly. The web is one big playground where everyone is able to adopt concepts and practices.

  • Creating threads with informative titles and descriptions can help a lot to have your question answered quickly. By having something more than "HELP!!" users are going to take the time to look at your question.

  • "A well formulated question, is generally half the answer." Try to instead of asking Why, How & What, describe the problem you are encountering with enough detail so that users reading it will know exactly what it is you are needing an answer to or a solution for.

  • Use English. If you are unable to speak English post in the/create a language thread for your language. Asking questions outside of that board in a different language will lead to your messages being removed.

Please do not send PM's to the forum staff (helpers, mods) unless you have been requested to do so in a thread or other means of communication. They are all quite busy and for the most part are volounteering their services.

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