Message # 1 | 2:26 PM
Here are some rules concerning forum posts, screenshots and signatures

1. The red color is for the forum administration only. Do not use the red color for more than 10% of the text.

2. Font size must not be more than 12 pt in posts, and 10 pt in signatures.

3. Do not paste the whole page code in posts, only the parts where you have problems. And don't forget to use BB codes:

[ code ] your code [ /code ] (without spaces)

4. Screenshots must not be more then 500х500 px in size.

5. Signature image and the whole signature itself must not be more than 40 px high. The image must not be very bright and flickering.

6. Gif images are not allowed in signatures and avatars.

7. Third-party websites must not be advertised in signatures in any way (URL, links, banners etc.). Third-party websites mean non-uCoz websites. You can advertise your uCoz websites in your signature but not more than 3 links.

I'm not active on the forum anymore. Please contact other forum staff.