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Here are some limits of the uCoz system. However, most websites never reach the moment when they cannot do something due to the system limitations.

Disk space

Immediately after registration you get 400 Mb. The longer you website exists, the more Mb it gets. Of course you won’t be able to upload HDTV films but this disk space is enough to place a lot of info on your website – texts, photos, videos. The maximum limit of the disk space that you can buy is 10 Gb. If you website is really interesting and of high quality, uCoz can consider the possibility of disk space increase for this definite website. But of course it does not concern warez and similar websites.

At the moment the largest uCoz website occupies 15 Gb of disk space.

There is also a limit on the number of files on a website. For the disk space of 10 Gb it makes about 655 thousand files.


- maximum 1000 forums and sections
- one thread cannot have more than 10,000 posts
One of the largest uCoz forums has about 1,5 million posts.

Hint: split very large threads into several threads. E.g., discussion of series can be split into discussions of separate seasons.

File Catalog, Publisher, Site Catalog:

- not more than 80,000 entries

Despite this limit there are websites that exceed this limit, e.g. one of them has about 200,000 entries.

Hint: in case your website reaches the limit, contact uCoz administration for help.

Page Editor:

- number of pages - unlimited
- page size – not more than 130,000 characters (70,000 for design + 60,000 for content)

Hint: do not copy texts from Microsoft Word directly, copy a text to Notepad first, and then to the necessary page. In such a way you will get rid of unnecessary formatting generated by Word.
Publish texts in .doc or .pdf files – they are also indexed well by search engines.

Site News:

- max number of news – 80,000
- max length of entry full text – 60,000 characters


- max number of entries - 80,000
- max length of one entry - 60,000 characters

Ad Board, Photo Albums, Online Games, Guestbook, FAQ:

- max 80,000 entries in 1,000 sections and categories

E-mail Forms:

- not more than 50 e-mail forms
- max size of an attached file – 10Mb


- the number is unlimited

E.g. one of uCoz websites has almost 150,000 comments at the moment.

Most of these limits are unreachable for the majority of websites. Besides the system is being developed all the time and the limits also change.

Let's count. E.g. you add 20 news per day. To reach the limit of 80,000 entries you will need 4,000 days or about 10 years.
Even if one post per minute is added to your forum (which is very good), you will need more than 2 years to reach 1 million posts.

And even if you reach the limit - contact the uCoz administration. Each rule has its exceptions.

I'm not active on the forum anymore. Please contact other forum staff.