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Unable to log into control panel
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Message # 1 | 12:32 PM
I have looked at the forum and posts for 'unable to log into control panel' and i have tried everything!!! I still cant log on... it asks me for the site name (which has been entered already) and password and the code (to check if user is human).. i enter it all but still cant seem to log in... i get error message ' login or password incorrect' or 'wrong code'
please help... i would appreciate it ASAP... thanks...

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Message # 2 | 0:54 AM
Darkilljoy, when you are logging in to your control panel it does not matter what your user group is on the site - it is a separate entity to your user account. As to your problem keep trying until it works. If the system informs you of using the wrong security code the best thing is to keep trying - refresh the page entirely and try again. If it displays the wrong password message check you are using the correct password (your webtop password) and that you don't have CAPS LOCK on. wink
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Message # 3 | 10:22 AM
Darkilljoy, you can also try to retrieve the password via the following form http://www.uid.me/remind/ to be sure you are entering it correctly.
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