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I can't login into my control panel.
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Message # 1 | 3:23 AM
I can't login into my admin control panel. I had logged out. Then, I tried to log back in and it won't let me. I didn't type the wrong password, so that isn't the problem. Is Ucoz having issues? I can't login and I don't know why because I know my password is correct. It's not giving me any kind of error message it just not letting me login into my account.
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Message # 2 | 3:13 PM
QueenMaa, if the situation still persists, can you please provide us the URL address of your website as well as a screenshot of the error you're receiving?
hey i'm joe and i do not work for the company anymore, please contact other staff or tech support
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Message # 3 | 4:28 PM
maybe at first try to clean your web browser

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maybe at first try to clean your web browser

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Message # 4 | 2:40 AM
QueenMaa, I'm going to lock this thread for the time being. If you continue to experience these problems please send me a PM with the details requested by bigblog above, or alternatively contact our friends in technical support http://ucoz.com/contact (or via another Control Panel).
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