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Control Panel » Guestbook » Module settings

Keywords: guestbook settings, form management, fields of the form, number of entries, max length, entries, messages.

Module name.

Here you can enter a module name which will be displayed in the page title and is output by means of the code $GB_NAME$.

Displaying of new entries.

Here you can choose where new entries will be displayed: at the top or at the bottom.

The form for adding new messages.

1) The form is on a separate page – to add an entry you must go to a new page.
2) The form is at the top/bottom of the page – choose the place for the form. This option will become inactive if the first item is ticked off .

Fields in message addition form.

When adding a new entry one must fill in the selected fields. They are visible for Guests only.

Notify the administrator about new entries by e-mail.

When someone adds a new entry you’ll get a notification email.

Number of displayed entries per page.

Select the necessary number from the drop-down list.
Min - 5 entries, max - 100.

Maximal message length.

Select from the drop-down list. If entry length will exceed this value a warning message will appear (see pic. 2).



Max number of entries.

Only this number of entries will be stored. If the number of entries exceeds the specified value, old entries will be removed automatically.

List of words and their substitutes.
A separate line for each word. The words and their substitutes need not to consist of the same number of characters, they must be separated by equals sign ( = ).
Permissions of user groups.
You can view user group permissions. There is also a link to modify them (pic. 2)



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