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Google is showing irrelevant description of my website!
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Message # 1 | 4:15 PM
Go to google.com
search "site:nyssolutions.com"
The description is showing "Try Relay: the free SMS and picture text app for iPhone. Login form. Log in via uID. Search. Statistics. Total online: 1. Guests: 1. Users: 0. Visitors! Flag Counter ..." which is completely stupid! cry How can I change it?
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Message # 2 | 8:25 PM
Rafsan, What you are talking about are META TAGS. And Yes, you can change them. See this thread regarding META TAGS and post there if you have further questions and queries.

'Thread locked.

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Message # 3 | 2:01 AM
Rafsan, Xayaan is correct. tags will help greatly with your problems. Something to keep in mind however is that if Google does not like the description you've written yourself it may still opt to use its own description. I would personally advise searching Google for a few tips on writing effective descriptions. smile
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