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[Feature Suggestion] Select modules to be uninstalled
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Message # 1 | 12:49 PM
So, when I install custom theme and replace it with default ones from the gallery, almost all modules have "mixed" design from my custom theme and new installed one. To fix this I must uninstall all modules and install them again, then, I have to install again that theme from the gallery.
This is pain in the ass when I want to see multiple themes how they look by installing them on my site.
(I know I couldjust make few websites and install themes there, but I don't like to have dump websites or to use UcoZ's resources more than I have to).
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Message # 2 | 2:32 AM
HeLpeR, the best thing could you do is edit your structure properly. I don't know how long you used uCoz. In my website I used 3 templates. But in your case you need to make that template as your structure so that you don't need to paste again the codes that you need.
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Message # 3 | 10:28 AM
HeLpeR, all you need to do is restore the CSS template...
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