RSS import and other RSS questions
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1. Go to Main » RSS import and click Add RSS reader.

2. Fill in the form:

RSS feed address: Full URL of the RSS-feed, beginning with _http://... – e.g.

Number of entries: – the number of entries you want to display simultaneously.

Number of columns: – the number of columns for displaying of RSS entries.

3. After you have created an RSS reader, you will need to customize its template, i.e. appearance of your RSS reader. To edit the template click the link "Template customization" near the name of the created RSS reader. A pop-up window will appear. Edit the template and click "Save".

4. Close the window with the template and copy the code of your RSS reader, e.g. $RSSIT_1$. You should paste this code into any part of the website where you want the feed to be displayed. If it is not Page Editor then into a template. In Page Editor you can insert the code into page content.

For RSS-feed insertion into Page Editor content, the modes "HTML Codes Panel" or "BB Codes Panel" should be selected.

RSS feeds of your uCoz website

RSS feeds of your website modules are available by the URL _, e.g. _ for Site News.

RSS feeds of module categories look like _ - where "2" is a category ID.

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quangminh85, what do you mean? Please, explain better.
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ex: I have a lot of catalog in my web.
RSS of catalog (default) :
- Other Catalogs have link :
I want RSS of or ....
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I'm having some trouble with my RSS link,, it says it's invalid. My yahoo says it's having a problem with it. I can link up to my "news" feed but not the "media" feed on my site. This is my site What I am trying to do is link the media section of that site back to my blog site that isn't affiliated with ucoz. That site is here: I would like to put a feed on my blog so people can see what media has been uploaded since they last visited, without having to go to the Hawkmedia site.
any help on this would be appreciated. My visitors have to register to the media site, I don't know if this has something to do with it or not.
Thanks in advance,
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quangminh85, - where "2" - category ID.

Hawkmedia, you forbid guests to see your download catalog, that is why RSS feed is not allowed too.

CP - users - groups - allow guests to see your catalog.

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What is an RSS and how can I get rid of it?? cry
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About RSS - (file_format)

Why would you need to get rid of it, anyway?

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Don't know why you want to do that, but you can delete RSS links and there will be no RSS any more.
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Hello guys.

I'm trying to make a RSS widget for the download section, but it doesn't seem to work.
I believe that this is because the download section is only for connected users, but I don't want it to be open to everyone just for the widget.

This is my RSS link:
is there a way to make the RSS public (so I could make the widget) without making the download section public?

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FrEEzE, your load module is closed for Guests, so RSS doesn't work.
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Quote (Kron1278)
FrEEzE, your load module is closed for Guests, so RSS doesn't work.

No way to make only the RSS public?
I really don't want to make the download section public, but I need the RSS feed sad

Never mind, I figured it out:
simply made the downloads locked, but viewable.

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As we all know we have separate rss feeds for separate modules. But it would have been much better if we could combine them into a single RSS. IS it possible to combine them.Plz guide me, admin or Armaros.
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guitarmantra, there is no such opportunity.
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Please help me I have problem with rss..What is wrong? sad
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Your rss link is ? With me for good. I do not understand what is the problem?
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Dr-007, the rss link is (except the forum)
uCoz rocks <3