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The following function will open an AJAX Alert Window when you click the image. The window appears in the bottom right part of the screen. Options include size; width and height, time; duration before the window collapses.
DO NOT claim this work as your own.

Place the following script in your HTML, where you want the image to appear:

<img src="" style="cursor: pointer;" onclick="_uWnd.alert('Content goes here...',Title',{w:400,h:150,tm:10000});" />

Below is a list of the editable parts:
Title - This is the title of the window
Content goes here... - This is the content displayed within the window - This is the link to the image that you press to open the window
400 - This is the width of the window (measured in pixels)
150 - This is the height of the window (measures in pixels)
10000 - This is the duration of the window before it collapses (measured in milliseconds) - 10000 = 10 seconds


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