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This has been an on-going problem with the site since 2009. The search engine does not update unless I delete the site xml file. Sunny had mentioned in an older post "2 to 4 days" to automatically update. But in our experience, if not manually deleted, the search for site will NOT automatically update for months.

This has been a source of complaint from members for years. The search feature is useless.

Last year in March, Paradox mentioned he had forwarded this issue to the TEAM. ??? (I am still waiting)

Today I noticed that the last Threads viewable on the search were from 2 months ago in January - so I deleted the xml and 'now is up to date'.

My request:
Can a script be generated in the site to 'auto delete' the xml without having to go in manually every day to delete it so that we might have an UPDATED and USEABLE search engine @ the site ?

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