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Hi,this topic and description says it all and I used chatGBT to help create the code and I did some modifications but I'm not a pro so can I get some help please??

<script src=""></script>
$(document).ready(function() {
// Set the interval for fetching updates (in milliseconds)
var updateInterval = 30000; // 30 seconds

// Define the function to fetch updates and send them as chat messages
function sendForumUpdates() {
// Use Ucoz API to fetch the latest forum updates
$.get('', {
forum_id: <$FID$>,
sort_by: 'date',
order_by: 'desc',
limit: 10
}, function(data) {
// Extract the latest forum updates
var forumUpdates = data.posts;

// Send each update as a chat message
forumUpdates.forEach(function(update) {
var cMessage = 'New forum update: ' + update.title;

// Use Ucoz API to send message to chatbox
$.post('', {
cMessage: $MESSAGE$

// Call the function to send forum updates every `updateInterval` milliseconds
setInterval(sendForumUpdates, updateInterval);

Like where do I put it and why won't it work??