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I know about:
<?if((substr($FILTER2_VALUE$, 0, 3)='www')?>Display this<?endif?>

but I wonder if there is a contains case for checking if a string contains a certain word? Case insensitive would be great

For example:
<?if(contains($FILTER2_VALUE$, 'www'))?>The string contains www<?endif?>

Added (2023-04-28, 8:25 PM)
I found:


It finds the first occurrence of string S2 in string S1, going from the beginning of S1 to the end. The comparison is case-sensitive. Both parameters must be specified as strings (or as a result of calling a function that returns a string). The search is limited by the first 1000 characters of string S1. The comparison is limited by the first 100 characters of string S2. It returns an integer number – the position of string S2 from the beginning of S1, counting from 0. If the occurrence was not found, it returns -1. (<?strpos('Mikyky','ky')?> will return 2).

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