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Update of 15.06.08
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Message # 1 | 10:28 AM
Graffiti editor (Admin Bar [a stripe at the top] -> Multimedia -> Graffiti). It is used for quick drawing by means of the easiest graphic functions. There are quite a lot of these functions, so you can create rather complex pictures. If you don’t understand how this feature works, just do not use it.

The interface of Control Panel, Admin Bar, pop-up windows has been changed (you can adjust color in Common settings).

Now we give unlimited disk space. A site has initially 200Mb of disk space, but the longer it exists the greater is the space. The oldest users have received +300Mb of disk space. The greater site traffic is, the quicker disk space is increasing.

Now you can fully manage entries directly from the site. All administrators’ capabilities, which they had when adding entries via Control Panel, have been saved (e.g. file sizes are maximal for administrators, and for users they are those set in module settings).

The BBcode [hide] has been added. By means of this code you can hide some text from guests (forcing them to register).

Login form has been changed, now it works via Ajax, thus a user stays on the same page and there are no reloadings when errors occur. If you have problems with the login form, this is because of what you have done with your design (just restore the default one).

The problems with the addition of several polls to a page by means of the codes $POLLC_1$ $POLLC_2$ etc. have been fixed.

Attention! Polls can be added by means of uCoz $variables$ only. Those who like to use uCoz functional at another hosting will have to look for other.

The feature of marking faces on photos has been improved.

The setting 'Allow "hidden user" feature' has been added.

Removal of users’ entries (including forum entries) has been added to Adnim Bar – Users – Removal of user’s records (or the icon in user’s profile). You can remove everything that a user has written and it will take you just several seconds. Removal of graffiti will be added as well.

All pop-up windows, which were possible to remove, have been removed. All features have been realized through beautiful pop-up windows (layers).

The informer "Entries counter" has been added. It allows to output number of entries in modules.

User’s title and rank can be now quickly and easily changed via site (user’s profile).

The variables $PAGE_ID$ and $URI_ID$ have been added to the templates of entries appearance.

In case of session time-out in Control Panel a login widow appears – you remain at the same page and no data is lost.

There is a new setting which does not allow activity of users with unconfirmed e-mail (in user settings).

No you can now put watermark when uploading JPEG files via File Manager.

The feature for quick change or recount of user’s data has been added (a checkmark in user’s profile).

There are new capabilities in comments management interface (Admin Bar - Control – Comments management).

Now entries counters are being automatically recounted inclusive of all additional categories.

Selection of categories (which include sections) during addition of entries has been changed, now you’ll have no problems with the selection of sections instead of categories.

Now you can see in Control Panel title the name of the section, in which you are, and not only the words "Control Panel".

Study Admin Bar, it is very useful and has many good features.

Now Admin Bar can’t be disabled, all further innovations will be connected with it. Admin Bar is visible for administrators only (on default), other user group cannot see it, so don’t worry.

If the links for changing or viewing reputation or for ban do not work in a profile, then you should either restore design of user’s profile or change links from window.open to href="$_PM_READ_URL$" href="$_PM_SEND_URL$" etc.

If you have problems with uploading of files or addition of entries – update Opera to version 9.5. If you use Opera 9.5 then check settings of other programs (firewall, anti-virus...).

I'm not active on the forum anymore. Please contact other forum staff.
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Message # 2 | 6:39 PM
The greater site traffic is, the quicker disk space is increasing.

I have 3 web-pages with different traffic (first for yesterday-35 hosts for last month-1201 hosts ;second for yesterday-2 hosts for last month-57 hosts ;third for yesterday-2 hosts for last month-30 hosts), but increasing of space on all of them is the same. Please, could you give more details about this.

P.S. Excuse me for mistakes in grammar and spelling I am ukrainian.
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Message # 3 | 10:12 AM
chilly, try to compare the disk space of your sites in several days, I guess the changes won't be the same.
I'm not active on the forum anymore. Please contact other forum staff.
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Message # 4 | 7:04 AM
I'm impressed with you guys' features. Very very impressive.
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Message # 5 | 11:38 PM
Thank you very muh! biggrin
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