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1. The more haste, the less speed.
There is no urgent problem that doesn’t allow to spend some time reading FAQ or using SEARCH. The more threads and replies are in the forum, the greater is the probability that your question have been already asked. Remember Murphy’s Law: There's never time to do it right, but there's always time to do it over.

2. Everything has been already done by others.
Use the chance to find out how the others have done this or that (View > Page Source). This is not stealing (unless you want to do it exactly in the same way), but adopting of practices.

3. Think about those who will reply.
When you create a thread do not give it "empty" names like "problem", "question", "help!!!". Such threads do not illustrate the core of your problem even if they are created in the right forum. (Forum rules, section III, items 1,2.)

4. A question that is formulated correctly is half the solution.
Try not to ask "how, why…". Better try to describe what you want, how and what you have done to solve your problem. It will be much easier to advise and point a mistake.

5. To make the search easier provide key words in "Thread description" field.
For example: Thread name: Ban: how to ban someone Thread description: ban, IP ban, range bane, autoban If a question is concrete and you don’t know what key words to use leave "Thread description" blank but do not retype there thread name.

6. Use English language.
If you don’t speak English language create your thread in Other languages section. Don’t leave posts in your language in other forums because they will be deleted.

I'm not active on the forum anymore. Please contact other forum staff.