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Webtop/uNet Update
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Message # 1 | 12:46 PM
Probably you have already noticed that Webtop has been updated. So a few words about new features and plans for the future.

The first thing that has changed is the login form at uNet.com

uNet profile and Webtop itself have been separated and you can select where you want to log in. By default it is Webtop.
In both cases your e-mail is used as a username. But passwords are different! Remember that you have two passwords – one for your uNet account (and logging in to websites with uID), and another one for Webtop (and your website Control Panels if you have not set separate passwords).
If you do not remember a password you can still remind it.

Here is how a uNet profile looks now:

All profile settings are changed via Webtop.
You can now add information about yourself and your interests, including your website (in Profile Settings → Contacts).

Besides you can now delete your uNet profile completely. Note that websites will not be deleted, they will be just detached from the account. You can change your mind and restore the profile with minimum losses within 30 days.

Entertaining features: games have been added to Webtop. If you cannot cope with the codes, have a short rest and play a game smile The games are absolutely free.

Useful features: 5 application have been added to help you in your work:

- Pixlr — a high-performance online graphic editor, due to its features it is often called "PhotoShop online". Supports .jpg, .gif and .png formats, files can be opened from the Internet (just specify URL) and uploaded (and then of course saved) from your PC;

- Calendar — combined with an organizer where you can plan your work for a month;

- CodePad – a utility that allows code highlighting when editing in different syntax;

- Unit Converter — converts bits into bytes, meters into feet etc;

- Calculator.

Besides now Webtop is available in Spanish.

Of course it is just the beginning. Useful applications will be added on a regular basis, such as a full-featured organizer; a file manager that will allow storing of documents and accessing them from any computer; various widgets and everything that is «under construction» now.

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Message # 2 | 8:09 PM
Good Work Sis Ucoz Is Best Regard Only Ucoz smile
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Message # 3 | 4:06 PM
thats look great and cute smile and thank you
im gona cry smile
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Message # 4 | 4:15 PM
Aww, the one game you don't have is the best game that could be put there,


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Message # 5 | 9:57 PM
I know this is a late post, but I never realised this.

This is an amazing new feature for uCoz (uNet/Webtop)!
I am realy proud that this has been introduced and I reasonably believe that this is will come great for the service.

Also, just wondering. Are the profile URL's going to stay how they are (for example: http://3383930820.unet.com/)?
Because if it has not already been suggestion or discussed, maybe it could be more customized (for example: http://unet.com/profile/myname@myemail.com)


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Message # 6 | 1:18 PM
Are you crazy? - Providing e-mail inside url.

I can clearly see you have no knowledge of internet. There are so called "spiders" who
hunt e-mails by "@" sign. These spiders guarantee a nice spam to your e-mail and I do
not need spam in mail. That is one of the reasons why I tell to use "[at]" instead of "@".
Congratulations, Mistory, today you learned something useful in your useless life. And
yes, you deserve this line due disrespect uCoz Web-Service faced from your side. End.

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Message # 7 | 10:22 AM
Mistory, you know where the suggestion board is.
I'm not active on the forum anymore. Please contact other forum staff.
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