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Goods management
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1. The section where you may select categories in order to work with items. The number of items in this category is specified in brackets. When you click on the category – the items of this category appear. To work with items from all the categories – click [ All categories ]

2. The drop-down list of items. Here you may sort the items by activeness (active and inactive).

3. Category settings. In case you have a few items - nothing is going to happen, when you click on this link. If you have a lot of items, the system will bring you down to Category settings Category name field. These settings are describe in paragraph 11 of this tutorial.

4. “Quick jump” menu. You are able to get to the necessary E-shop module interface by means of “Quick jump” menu.

5. The panel of adding items and their amount. When you click “Add item”, you will find yourself at the Adding goods page on the website. The fields “Total” and “Pages” stand for the total amount of items and pages in the category.

6. The list of items. You may check the boxes of items from the list and do some mass operations from the “Selected elements” option with them. They are described in paragraph 9 of this tutorial.

7. Inheritance of the matrix. The matrices of discounts or price markups are set up for a separate category. It is similar to Category settings. See more about matrix settings here: http://forum.ucoz.com/forum/40-14337-82517-16-1315834755

8. Editing and deleting items. These button are for individual removal of the items and their editing. Refer to paragraph 9 of this tutorial for mass removal options.

9. Selected elements. This setting allows to do mass actions with the items. “Invert” option checks unchecked boxes and unchecks the checked ones. “Activate” option activates inactive items (only the checked ones). “Hide” option makes them inactive. “Remove” option deletes the selected items. “Make a copy” option copies the selected item and add it to the list. “Move to the category” option helps to move the selected items from the current category to the selected one.

10. Price matrix for a category. This setting is similar to the one described at paragraph 7 of this tutorial. The only difference is that the settings for all the categories can be made here. You just need to select [ All categories ] option. See it in paragraph 1 of this tutorial.
Remove personal rules”. This feature removes the personal bindings of all the subcategories to the rules of prices calculations, which were set by you earlier.

11. Group operations. This option allows to do group operations with the items of the selected category. “Change the text in a name from:.. to:” option substitutes the text in the name of the item only and only in the selected category. “Change price/incoming price” option helps to make changes in the items prices by adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing the necessary units. Remember: c.u. (conventional units) are used by default.
Re-calculation of all prices by the selected matrices:” option. If you have applied a new matrix or selected another matrix in Category settings for all the categories or for a certain one, you will need to use this option to re-calculate the prices.
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Message # 2 | 1:47 PM
I wish the good's colour can be select at "Your order" between the "Item,Price,Qty,Amout".
So i go the Order field management >"DISPLAYING OF ITEM FIELDS IN AN ORDER" and selected the "Custom field 1" (i changed it to colour that i want already)
But how to let the customer choose the colour with select bar at "Your Order" as well.

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Message # 3 | 1:47 PM
Hello! First of all congratulations for your very good job with the forum! It’s very useful!
I have 2 questions about e-shop module.
1) Let’s say that I have only 10 products to sell. Is it possible that the site guest can see the actual amount of the products left when they are in the e-shop??
What I mean: I place 10 products for sell. 1 customer buys 2 of them. One hour later an other customer is looking for the same product. Is it possible that the other customers can see that I have only 8 products left?
2) When all 10 products are sold what will happen? Will they auto-delete from the list or I have to do it manually from the Control Panel?

Thanks a lot for your time!

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Message # 4 | 1:47 PM
davidyeow94, at the moment E-shop does not have such feature but the module is still being developed. Users can add the color they want to order comments. Or you can add separate colors as separate items.
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Message # 5 | 1:47 PM
1) There is such option in E-shop Module Settings as "Keep record of the stock in trade in the field $STOCK$", enable it.

2) If it is an electronic item, it will be hidden automatically. Other items can be deleted or hidden manually via Control Panel -> E-shop -> Goods management.

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Message # 6 | 1:47 PM
Never mind. anyway thanks for telling me Sunny smile
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Message # 7 | 3:35 AM
Im sorry I really cant find a place to post my question

Does the hidden option work while the user is online

I mean can I extract the hidden option code and place it in the normal template modifing the condition operator and if an online user clicks it will he become hidden or do users have to be offline to use this feature
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Message # 8 | 4:13 AM
carloscompu, the user must log out and log in again for their account be hidden.

Please keep in mind to post in a more appropriate board next time. It would have been better to post a question of this sort in Site Users. wink

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