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Hi guys!

Could you please help me with the settings for E-shop module? I'm trying to apply Reusable Promo Code but I do not see it on my website during checkout.

I went to E-shop - Discount systems - picked Reusable Promo Codes - entered custom code and expiration date - clicked save.
But when i go to my website and try to purchase an item, there is no option to enter Promo Code at checkout. How do I correct it?

Another question I have about Prices Matrices. What is this and how does it work?

Added (2012-08-12, 10:26 PM)
Someone please help me with the E-shop. it is so confusing. I read the information about Matrices but they still do not work properly. When I set 1 matrice as a default another one stops working. I want to do these things:

1) When customer checks out, so shipping cost would be calculated automatically and would be displayed as a separate field under subtotal order price. For example, order price $200, than shipping $6.99, and total $206.99

2) I want under the subtotal price to have a field where customer can enter a promotion code to receive a discount. After customer enters promo code, there should be button "recalculate" after pressing it, promo code should apply.

3) Also, I customized, set up, and saved delivery method but it is not showing in checkout.

my website is