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I'm not sure if this is the right module to be posting this question or not. So here it is. I'm wanting to have visitors donate a few bucks to help our group. How do you accomplish this?

Sorry again if this question is placed inappropriately.
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Message # 2 | 0:53 AM
Ilovedogs2, Paypal offers a donation button you can use, and even customize.
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Message # 3 | 7:07 AM
Ilovedogs2, PixelKhaos is correct. uCoz does not provide a service or module that would be able to act as this. You would need to use a third party vendor such as Paypal. I will leave this thread open so you can discuss your requirements further, however, it will be moved to a more appropriate board.
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uCoz Community » uCoz Modules » Online Shop » Donation (Not sure)
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