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Perplexity about online stores.
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Message # 1 | 3:56 PM

I have a perplexity about creating an online store and I hope you can help me to understand.
It is legal to create an online store and sell online products (ex: website templates) without doing some identification or something like that?

To be more understandable, i'm from Romania and here to be able to open an online store, you need to register a company or draw up some identification to be authorized person. An then you can open your website.

Let's say i wanna sell uCoz templates designed and coded by me from scratch.
I buy the Business package from uCoz that contains E-Shop module. I configure the module and then i add the products to website. And that's it?

I apologize for typos. I still learning English.

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Message # 2 | 4:08 PM
YOYOYO, it depends on a number of factors, primarily your country of residence. So in my case - I live in Australia. Technically I can sell templates online "as is" without declaring it to the ATO (Australian Tax Office) and registering with the ABR (Australian Business Registrar) as the income is considered a passive form of income. I'm not actively contracting to a third party/client.

If I were then receiving custom requests, however, and then invoicing based on the amount of time spent developing the product, I would then have to go through the motions. As I've already done that to run my own local business here it's nothing more for me now - if I didn't run my own business though I would then have to register with the ABR, ATO, etc. to conduct business of this nature.

These laws can change, country to country, state to state, and in some cases province to province even, so I'd personally advise you read up on the legislation in place for the conduct of business activities in your area. For online activites, especially in terms of business, write up a clear Terms of Service, End User Contract, and Privacy Policy. You don't want to be caught out when dealing with multiple levels of international legislation. Make clear the country/state/province of whose legislation you are currently operating under and that all business conducted is subject to the terms and restraints as such.

Apart from that I hope that made some sense and helps out a little. Feel free to post here or PM me if you need any further assistance on the matter. I'm always happy to help out when it comes to getting off the ground. Good luck! wink

Disclaimer: All advice is provided "as is" and should not be taken or referenced as professional advice. If you require certified advice please contact a local qualified legal professional from your area.

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Message # 3 | 4:10 PM
YOYOYO, in Romania, before you start selling something, from a legal standpoint, you need to be registered as an Authorized Individual (PFA) or LLC (SRL). A short discussion about this topic you can find also on the Romanian Forum. The first option is the easiest and cheapest for small and even medium sized online shops, while information for the registration process you can find at the Registry of Commerce (Registrul Comerțului) in your town.
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Message # 4 | 4:27 PM
Paradox, Raver, your answers are helpful and I don't have any doubt. Thanks a lot.
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uCoz Community » uCoz Modules » Online Shop » Perplexity about online stores. (It is legal?)
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