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Use the uShop+WalletOne promo code, if it’s not automatically applied. It will offer you an opportunity to take advantage of the “Medium Business” plan and enjoy beneficial terms profitable conditions. You won’t be able to use the promo code after you’ve signed up.

Adding your online shop to Wallet One Checkout

Go to the Account settings section.

Click on the Create project button.

Complete the form in 3 steps by specifying your project’s details: its name, URL, country and currency, and the purpose of registration – for individual needs or for business.

Data you’ll need to set up the payment method on the online shop’s end

You need to use the following data to set up the payment method:
  • Merchant ID
  • Digital signature generation method
  • Digital signature key

Merchant identifier can be found under the project name:

Digital signature’s key should be generated in the settings (the Integration tab). First, choose the method to generate your digital signature (MD5 or SHA1). Second, copy the key. Don’t forget to press the Save button, otherwise, the key won’t be valid:

After the key is formed and the Settings tab is closed, you won’t be able to view it again. That is why be sure to keep the tabs of your personal account on Wallet One open when proceeding to the control panel of your shop.

Adding the Wallet One payment method

Add a new payment method. When adding it, use the e-payment module (1), then choose Wallet One (2) and press the Module settings button (3):

The Module settings window will appear:

  • The merchant identifier, you received upon signing up for Wallet One can be found in the top right corner at
  • The digital signature key is generated in the project settings on Wallet One. To generate it, go to the Integration tab of your Wallet One Checkout account, specifically to the Integration tab, choose the MD5 or SHA1 method and click on the Generate new key button. Don’t forget to click on the Save button after the key has been generated or it won’t be valid
  • The seller’s currency. You need to select the currency that will be used by default.
  • Allowed and prohibited payment methods. After the payment form is transferred to Wallet One Checkout, your customer can choose a suitable payment method. The online shop can limit the list of the available payment methods or explicitly define one of them. All methods will be selected in case none of them is specified in the allowed payment methods. Note that the current list of payment systems can differ from those specified in the module. It also depends on the list enabled in your Checkout.

  • The exchange rate of the Online Shop currency to the WalletOne currency.
  • The purpose of the payment is displayed in the note to the payment form on the Wallet One’s end.
  • The digital signature generation method. It must match the encryption method specified in the Wallet One’s project settings.
  • The result URL. Specify this URL in the project settings.

After all the fields are filled in, save the settings and payment methods. Now everything is set to pay for orders on your website through Wallet One Checkout.

After you have submitted the form and configured the module, we recommend that you activate the Wallet One account to verify your shop and request moderation.
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