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Ok, if somebody can help me here, I would really appreciate it.

First, I am having trouble creating subpages. I go to control panel, the page editor, and then page management and press the + thinking that will let me make a subpage. Apparently, it does. But I am completely in the dark concerning so many other things. What about the URL? How do I specify what the URL would be for this subpage and when I do create the subpage, it does not appear on the site itself.

eg. I go to photos. In the photos page, there are two links: Royal Albert Hall and Kings Cross station. Each link directs you to another page, each of which will in turn have links directing to more pages. No link to the page from the main site. Just browsing. That's how I want it to be and I can't seem to get it there.

I have no clue how to work the URL, the html code is bugging me (for a builder that says I dont need html knowledge) and I can't create subpages. Each new page I make will just be accessible from the main menu, which is exactly what I do NOT want.

Then, there is the issue of images. When I add an image to the site, the control panel page management says its there but when I go to the site, the picture does not appear.

Please somebody help.

note: I deleted the site in question because I am this close to giving up. So explain to me as if I never visited the site before and as if I am five years old and need step by step guiding. Speak to me as if I am five, and want to make a website on all the different candies and ponies in the world and give information on all of them.

In a very specific example, let's say I want to create a website on ponies and candies. The main page should have two links, Candy and Ponies. The page of... ponies should have images (that show on the page) of different ponies. Below these images should be the names of the ponies, (Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, etc... :P) and these names should act as links to further pages that give information. Same goes with candies, (Wonka with links to Nerds and Gobstoppers.) These further pages should not be linked to the main page. I want them to be linked to the subpages as sub-sub pages. (I'm not really going to create this website, I have something else in mind.)

For the curious, I hope to make a website where I can post my short stories and fan fiction and receive hits, comments, reviews, etc... I need subpages and sub-sub pages (for lack of better term) for 'main page' to a link 'stories' and from stories is a sublink to a page (not connected to the main page) 'The World' (for the sake of a title) and this will have a further link of 'Chapter one, chapter two, etc...' As a cover for the story, i need to be able to use images and this brings me to another question before I go.

How do I enable comments so any visitor to the site can comment? Remember, I am five. :P

No computer and html lingo, please. smile

Thank you in advance.
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