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login via ftp with wsftp pro
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Message # 1 | 9:02 AM
Hi there,

I registered a website with ucoz.ua. I can connect to my webspace with wsftp. If I want to upload an index.html and a picture in .jpg format it doesn't work. Can someone help?


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Message # 2 | 9:06 AM
rudyhoepp, check to make sure you have set an FTP password in the control panel. Additionally check your server settings are correct. You can find more information on FTP at this thread (http://forum.ucoz.com/forum/37-2500-1) and using the forums search feature. smile

Additionally please keep in mind uCoz is a package deal and does not provide solely hosting. smile

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Message # 3 | 10:44 AM
Quote (rudyhoepp)
I want to upload an index.html and a picture in .jpg format

.html pages can't be uploaded via FTP, only via File Manager, but there should be no problems with .jpg images.

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