Message # 1 | 0:48 AM
Just signed up and chose the url: PaulinaMuroOfficial and when I pressed enter it changed it to PaulinaMurooffi

I need to change that.. how can I do that?

If I had too many characters it might have been nice to know that before pressing Enter.

I haven't even created the webpage yet.

Thanks for any advice.

Added (2013-08-09, 3:32 PM)
I looked around and all answers point to "you can't do that". So, I tried to create a new webpage (figuring I could delete the first one after). I'm in the control panel, chose my websites/ create a website and the login box pops up flashing on and off with no change. The login wheel just keeps turning and the box keeps flashing. The only way I could stop it was to refresh the page.

I'm new to ucoz, so not sure what to expect. It's free so I'm not complaining but just wondering if I'm doing something wrong as I can't seem to even get past the first step of choosing a url properly. wink

Thanks again for any advice on either of the issues I just posted above.

Added (2013-08-09, 6:48 PM)
Never mind. I found that it's just a glitch that you can't use that menu on the page that first pops up.
Once I closed that and opened the real control panel, I could delete the old webpage and start a new one.