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Changing the logo or title
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Message # 1 | 8:13 PM
I created my website and started putting info into my site, but as i did it i was checking over the site and it said MY SITE as the title or logo of the site. I don;t know how to change that. If you have a response can you email it to me at danielrherron253@gmail.com, Thanks I appreciate it. biggrin
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Message # 2 | 9:03 PM
Agame204, To change "My site" to your desired name. First on top of your webpage, you will see the admin bar and in the admin bar there is a button with the name "Builder". Click it and click "Enable builder" and in this mode your can change your website's title , create/delete blocks and edit other small details as well.

Click here for more about the "Builder" feature.

Hope i helped. happy

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Message # 3 | 11:27 AM
Agame204, you can also find a guide on hot to change "My site" here: http://forum.ucoz.com/forum/42-12199-1
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