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reactivating my site
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Message # 1 | 2:13 PM
hi how do i go about reactivating my site compulsion-fm.ucoz.com after 15 days its deletes it i keep going to reactivate but this time i have had no email and my site has disapearred last email i had was on10/02/2014 and i reactivated it then but but had no emails since and looks like my sites been deleted
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Message # 2 | 12:50 PM
MarkEddy, the website has been reactivated. The reactivation message could get into Spam. Did you check your spam folder?
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Message # 3 | 7:38 PM
always goes in inbox but now might sites disapeard with out any notice its there no way to get it back i put a lot of effort in to makeing it and i wont be able to do it again cry
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Message # 4 | 3:45 AM
Quote Sunny ()
MarkEddy, the website has been reactivated.

MarkEddy, your site has been reactivated by the team already. wink

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Message # 5 | 7:40 PM
I've got the same problem now, message hasn't come. help me out... my site is: ggg548.do.am
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Message # 6 | 6:48 AM
kakhayavelashvili, it's done. The website is reactivated.
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