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On uCoz #choice page you have 3 choices:

a) uCoz (Personal)
b) uKit (Business)
c) uShop (Online shop)

Now i would like some clarity for myself and other users that might have problems in getting the big picture.

As far as i understood so far.

a) uCoz is a system where you can create personal or business site or an online shop (depending on the package you bought) or a mix between them, and you get maximum depth and access to the HTML code, including PHP (that allows you to create very complex and highly automated sites). You can design your own templates, or buy from other, or modify the default ones.

b) uKit - Visual Builder, drag and drop, no need to know coding languages, no access to HTML or PHP. It has an external shop widget ECWID that costs from 0$ to 15$ to 35$ to 69$ per month. You can buy a template or modify an existing one that comes as default.

What are the transaction fees, they can't really be 0 when the person makes the payment and the ECWID system sends it to a bank account ?

c) uShop, i don't understand if this is based on uCoz platform with only the shop module enabled or on uKit visual platform with the external ECWID system for online shop and nothing else. On your site it says it is your own eCommerce solution, so i am thinking it is something build from zero. It looks to be the same uCoz platform. Can you clarify this ?

I am planing to do a new project for a customer and i would like to know exactly what is the difference between uKit and uShop. The uKit platform may produce a fancier site in less time compared to uCoz.

Thank you.

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