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1. Is there any simple and elegant way (code) to insert a slider or a slideshow like these two here : in a uCoz page, without using flash slideshows ? (because many devices will no longer support flash in the future and most go for HTML 5, css, javascript)

2. Is there any way to insert the whole uCoz light-box gallery in a normal uCoz page instead of pointing to the gallery itself via a text link ?

I know these are things that uCoz never implemented to be easy for anyone to add them, but maybe you know a way, since these are probably the most sought features that uCoz lacks.

Thank you.

Added (2016-03-29, 7:47 AM)
There is only one rather primitive slideshow in widgets. But at least it is working.

The problem is it only accepts .GIF (no .JPG PNG etc.), so a person needs to rename all his .JPG to .GIF in file manager.

Do you know if they are ever going to update it to support more formats and maybe add an effect to transitions. (right now there is none).

Thank you in advance.

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