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Connecting my Social Account to uID
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Message # 1 | 11:53 AM
Hello, I can't access my control panel to edit my website, because I've created the websites with my social account. I've tried connecting a new uID to connect my social account. Yet, it says I can't log in to the control panel with that uID, even though I've connected my facebook to the new uID.
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Message # 2 | 1:05 AM
Hi azuz53487,

As I know, login into the Control Panel need your password only.

If you can login into your ACP (http://yourdomain.ucoz.com/admin), you can go to User module > Add new user > You can create a new administrator account for your website.

If you can not find where it is, please follow below link. Replace yourdomain.ucoz.com by your own's.


Added (2016-04-25, 1:05 AM)
If the above can not help, please wait for uCoz support team. smile

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Message # 3 | 2:42 PM
azuz53487, if you signed up with a social account, your website will belong to the email account of this social account (and there is also a uID account created for it automatically). So, try to log out at http://guid.uid.me/ and then try to log in to the Control Panel again, by entering your email and password (enter the email of your first uID account). If you don't remember the password, please use the following form: http://guid.uid.me/remind

Good, if a Control Panel wasn't set, then the uID login button is displayed for the Control Panel.

I'm not active on the forum anymore. Please contact other forum staff.
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