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Informers - How to change $MESSAGE$ length?
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Message # 1 | 10:40 PM
Hello uCoz Community!

I can't seem to figure this out.
I want to change the $MESSAGE$'s code max-length.
You can do that with the title in the advanced settings for the informer, but there doesn't appear to be any way to change the message's length.

I currently fixed it with CSS, but I would want the normal way (if there is a way). (So it also displays ... at the end of it etc.)
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Message # 2 | 4:35 AM
This might help you. It limits 150 characters of $MESSAGE$ length:


Replace 150 with the number of characters you need for the text. The code truncates the text if there are more than 150 characters, otherwise leaves it as it is.

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Message # 3 | 5:08 AM
Thanks khen! It's better than the CSS solution. happy
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Message # 4 | 5:37 AM
nitroretroofficial, khen, is correct. The best option is to use the substring function.

Assuming this problem is solved I'm going to lock this thread. smile

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