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Informer - If nothing outputs then display something
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Message # 1 | 9:16 AM
Hello uCoz Community!

Let's say I have an informer for a blog.

Normally, if there aren't any entries, the informer won't show anything.
I would want to show a <div> or <p> if there aren't any entries shown by the informer.

Is this possible? Thanks. biggrin
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Message # 2 | 4:22 PM
nitroretroofficial, use this code instead of the original informer code:
<?if(len($MYINF_5$) == 0)?>
Replace this line with the text you want to be shown if there are no entries added in a specific module.

Be sure to put it using the HTML editor only, not the WYSIWYG one.

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Message # 3 | 4:08 PM
Thanks bigblog, I always forget that you can check the length like that (on uCoz).
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