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How to edit content/ design in the template
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Message # 1 | 5:38 AM
How do you remove the latin words from the template. I'd like to replace it with the content I want. I tried location it through the codes, I tried to replace it, but it didn't work. Can someone give me a step-by-step tutorial or a simplified code that I could just copy (something that has)
example: <p> [insert text here] </p>.

I have no idea about all these codes yet. sad
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Message # 2 | 6:03 AM
Please, give me the link where you find the Latin words you want to replace.
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Message # 3 | 7:03 AM
dlisaga, If you want to change the standard text, go to the CP -> Design -> Editor -> Global blocks -> PROMO:
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Message # 4 | 8:40 PM
Look in the settings of your site, there should be an adjustment of the design. In the right block the entry should be deleted easily. if you want using html tags, here's using this code, specify the name of the column <?php the_category (',')?> >
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Message # 5 | 5:19 PM
ket311288vry, i believe that's an instruction for wordpress aha!
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