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FAQ - SMS services
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Message # 1 | 1:44 PM
Question: Can SMS services be enabled by any system user?
Answer: During the beta-testing period this feature is available to premium users only (users who have paid for any paid package or for the ad banner removal).

Question: Does uCoz have its own percentage of income from the cost of SMS messages?
Answer: No.

Question: What should I do if I haven't passed moderation at SMScoin?
Answer: In this case, there is nothing we can help you with. You need to contact SMScoin Support.

Question: Where does the income I get from SMS go (where is the money transferred to)?
Answer: It goes to your SMScoin account.

Question: How do I enable SMS key on the website?
Answer: See the tutorial here: http://forum.ucoz.com/forum/45-13417-1

Question: How do I enable SMS transfer?
Answer: See the tutorial here: http://forum.ucoz.com/forum/45-13423-1
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Message # 2 | 8:34 AM
What is SMS system? i heard of it but it still sounds confusing... :/ help eek
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Message # 3 | 8:44 AM
Admistrator, Read here http://usms.ucoz.com/ wink

Hope this HElp

I Try to help. U can Try to give Rep ++ For my try :P
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Message # 4 | 7:29 PM
Is it possible in Mongolia?
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Message # 5 | 1:47 PM
MicroLab, I am afraid I do not see Mongolia among the supported countries. You can check the available countries here: http://smscoin.com/en/info/worldwide/
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Message # 6 | 8:54 PM
can i use this in ovo.bg ?
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Message # 7 | 2:54 AM
TruEBlood, we are unfortunately unable to provide comprehensive and 100% certain support for Ovo here on the uCoz Community, however, I do believe SMS services are provided to Ovo customers as well.
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uCoz Community » Additional Services » SMS Services » FAQ - SMS services
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