Message # 1 | 1:03 PM
Beginning with UCOZ when the opening speed is quite satisfactory. All not to say. I would like to ask why a long time. The speed of the open space more and more slowly. It must pay to use the free UCOZ. is not your clients? Official measures can have but conscience. Okay? Unlimited capacity can not. The original is enough to use. But the speed limit.
Really egg hurts. Pain I think the official really stupid. On this behavior you can retain customers? It is self defeating. Gaga page advertising did not. What this foolish behavior speed really slow garbage. Even pages are not open.
Basically can not see. Who would dare to use such services unstable space? Who will take the initiative to pay for this deceptive behavior? Want to let customers take the initiative to pay to upgrade their services.
Own service hard. Customers naturally take the initiative to pay. Use less than the speed limit so stupid means.