Message # 1 | 9:31 PM
I purchased an SSL certificate through GoGetSSL for
It's been four days since I purchased it. It keeps saying "SSL update in progress..."

Need help right away!

Added (2022-09-17, 9:36 PM)
It keeps saying "SSL update in progress..." in the Domain Management of the Control Panel.
Also, I get this message in red in my Control Panel: "Your certificate has expired! Please renew it."
That's why I purchased the SSL certificate through the recommended GoGetSSL vendor.

Please help!

Added (2022-09-19, 4:38 PM)
Fixed it on my own. Not very good support.

Added (2022-09-29, 5:25 PM)
The SSL certificate is broken again.
My SSL certificate has now disappeared! It's now asking me to buy another certificate.
The GoGetSSL that I purchased last month is good for two years.
Need support asap!

Added (2022-09-30, 7:16 PM)
Hello!!?? Anyone? Support???

I paid for my GoGetSSL certificate, and the control panel has removed it!

I either want a refund for the certificate or have it fixed!

Where can I contact support??!