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Hi all,
I just got my new website. I am using template 1815 which is awesome but I cant find how to change 5 things...
1/ I want to change my background. Now its purple. I wanna use a picture. For example, this one:
I want this picture to be present in my home page, in the promo, everywhere.
2/ When I go to my website from my phone, I can see some logo on the top, which is not displayed on the desctop version. How I can delete this logo?
3/ This is my website - I want to add a small logo before the title Cheesy Gamers. How I suppose to do this?
4/ Now my blog is not looking good. How I suppose to make it look like my 1st page? With big pictures ... Is this even possible? Also when I post something... an icon for a women is showing on my left side ( how I can remove this?!
5/ How I can change the color of the forum? I want everything to be black and red -

P.S I tried the advices from this topic: but then all my website broke down...

Many thanks in advance.
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