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I didn't touched "For of editing personal data" template, yet when I go to edit my profile, I can't see avatar field to upload avatars.
For my group (Administrator) Avatar uploading is enabled, also, this is the part of the template that should show the field

<tr id="siM36"><td class="manTd1" valign="top" id="siM37">$AVATAR_SIGN$</td><td class="manTd2" id="siM38">$AVATAR_FL$</td></tr><tr><td height="10" class="manTdSep" colspan="2"><hr class="manHr" /></td></tr>

PS: "Avatar uploading" is also enabled in CP
PS2: On registration, avatar selection is disabled, but I wan't that users select avatars after registration.

EDIT: Okay, I found the reason for this. If I go to
Users module > Module Settings > Allowed methods of users authorization: > uID users (uID)
I have these options to select but if I select Local users, this whole field with options will disappear, is that a bug or what?
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