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Hello everyone, I haven't written here on the forum for a long time. This is something I want to ask for a very long time, but I always forget. And now I've come to the point where I have to redesign the site, but I'm interested in one thing.

You know what when you create categories, you have the ability to adjust how many columns will be displayed

and then it looks like this

It looks like text that has a link and that's ok, but instead of being displayed as text that is linked, can it be used with some code to make it look different not to look like text than to look like a button to be a little more striking.

Is there a possibility to change that somehow? I don't know if I explained it well. So I want it not to be displayed as classic text with a link to be clicked. I want it to look like a button. Or in any other way to be a little more conspicuous.

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So when you put

that it does not display as a classic text with a link but looks like a button to be clicked or like a menu. I don't know if anyone understands what I want to ask.
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