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I try to hide Post By: in forum design in PDA template.

But unfortunately, i cannot.

Here is my site which I want to modify :

Here the code which there is Posted By: text.

<td class="threadNametd">
  <a class="forum thIsNew" href="/forum/22-222-1">U ám</a>
  <span class="forumStat">
   <span>(</span><span class="forumStatThreads">0</span>/<span class="forumStatAnswers">2</span><span>)</span>
  Posted by:
  <span class="forumLastUpdateAuthor">admin</span>
  <a class="forumLastUpdateLink" href="/forum/22-222-0-17">»»</a>

I did try to find everywhere in Forum Module Setting and Design but fail.

Please help, thank you.

Added (2022-07-28, 4:44 AM)
never mind, i found it